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Our Sectors


Supporting UK Manufacturing by working with some of the most respected suppliers in UK and Europe for both new and used machinery.


Our team has vast knowledge of the industry and extensive experience of delivering top funding for agricultural businesses.


From the smallest transaction to a high value super car or classic vehicle, Asset Funder always offers the most attractive terms.


We work closely with many construction firms throughout the UK, providing finance for new and used plant as well as refinance of existing assets when required.


Supporting the UK Demolition industry by working with some of the most respected suppliers in UK and Europe for both new and used demolition machinery.

Green Energy

Investing in renewable energy goes far further than the green credentials. Invest in renewable energy equipment and you could create enough energy to significantly cut your bills.


We work with some of the most respected banks and financial institutions. Always providing the most cash flow friendly terms for these types of business assets.


Owner drivers to some of the most respected commercial vehicle suppliers and operators in the UK trust us to secure the best terms.

Who We Are

Asset Funder is renowned for bringing first class asset finance services to all areas of business & industry.

The business was formed back in 2007 by the company’s MD, Lee Brenard who has over 20 years’ experience in the asset finance sector.

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